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Message from Ray

From:Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 5, 2002, 19:50
Just in case anyone has noticed my recent silence & is
wondering why.

I'm afraid I'm still NOMAIL (I am a very bad lurker - I must
either take part properly or not at all) and likely to be so
for a while.

Not only am I snowed under with the usual mountain of
admin that is now part of the post-Thatcher educational
system (teachers/lecturers can't be trusted and have to
be set this that and the other and prove how far they've
fallen short with umpteen bits of paper & assorted bumpf)
but I allowed myself to be foolishly enticed into co-authoring
a text book - it's harder work than I imagined   )=:

So I regret conlanging is in cold storage at the moment but,
hopefully, will emerge next Spring from its long hibernation.

In the meantime may I wish any Seikh or Hindu colleagues
on the list a very happy Diwali which they are currently celebrating.
Also may I wish our Jewish members a happy Hanukka at the
end of this month, and our Muslim colleagues a very Holy Ramadan
and a happy & blessed Eid at the end of it.
I wish all my fellow Christians a happy & holy Christmas and
every one on the list of whatever persuasion all the very best
for 2003 CE .