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Concultures on Internet (was Re: Boranesian Phonology)

From:Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzon <chlewey@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 23, 1999, 23:28
> Is Boreanesia on the internet? If so, what do they do in email? Are > they sufficiently technologically advanced that they can, like the > Japanese, have their own writing system represented? > > [BTW, if anyone else is reading this: What do places with other > writing systems do with email, etc.?]
Hangkerimre had not big problems with their equivalents to Internet after there were no predominant alphabet in HTL as latin is in OTL. Even if most of the technology is not invented or produced in the Hangkerim countries, Hangkerim is a good market and there has been a lot of adaptations for the Hangkerim script, which is also used, with modifications, for some of theri neighbours. In these days automatic translators are very common and Hangkerimre will usually post to their Japanese or Magyar penpals in Hangkerimce. -- Carlos Th