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Re: need help with microtone

From:Carsten Becker <post@...>
Date:Saturday, October 11, 2003, 10:33
Uuuuh, keep away that ring! I don't want to turn into a gollumish
geek...*shudder* Well, of course, one cannot do conlanging and that stuff
all around the clock, sometimes I don't feel like working on that, or when I
want to work on it, I've got too much to do for school or so, so that I
cannot work on it. This is very normal. I found out what I must do to make
the scale work thanks to your responses and I wanted to tell you others
about this as fast as possible, but I couldn't. I shouldn't worry about
this. Of course there are more important things than writing an email. But
now I sent that mail, excusing for not working on this topic was absolutely
not necessary. It was just as said above, I wanted to work a bit on this,
but I couldn't. Well, with Excel it was done in ten minutes. Sometimes I see
less important things too important and vice versa. Enough justification (if
this was necessary at all to explain why I said 'sorry for not working on
this bla bla bla')