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From:Eli Naeher <ishmael@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 24, 2001, 16:51
Well, for the record:

jitihk zohse'n don (which translates as 'the fools' tongue') is spoken by the Swlos
('exiles'), a coastal/seafaring hunter-gatherer society somewhere on the edge
of the Neverwood far to the north. For certain unmentionable crimes they were
expelled from their homeland across the western sea a long time ago (centuries
or possibly millenia). They see themselves as disgusting barbarians and tell
nostalgic tales about the great civilization they left behind, which was in
fact quite modern; they have maintained a strong literary and academic
tradition with a seperate scholarly-monastic caste which preserves the old
knowledge. The Swlos make use of some of the ruins of the Old Imperium, which
affords them a degree of comfort despite their rather low level of practical
technology; recently they have been 'discovered' by a scout vessel of the New
Imperium, and their future in uncertain.

eli .
gone to croatan

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