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project: Hangkerim

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 9, 1998, 17:01
Well.  My working project is a conculture of human beings living in a par=
universe.  Detaills of this universe and the history of Earth there will =
dicover during the project, as I know more and more about the culture I'm=

studing and their neighbourghs, and researching throu their scripts on th=
history.  That's difficoult after my body can't go there to physically
experience it.

What I know this far is that:
 * They are humans (_Homo sapiens_)
 * They have developed an industrial civilization which is not quite the =
same as
ours.  They have computers and computer networks but they don't seem very=

similar to ours.
 * The specific culture I'm studing is secular.  Mos't people follow the
official religion but priests do not rule people's lifes.
 * This culture is called Hangkerim, but I do not still know what that me=
 * Their language seems to be polisyntetic... but after I'm not a linguis=
t, I
cannot be sure about that.  As I will be describing their language, I hop=
e the
experts of this list will help me whit the definition.
 * Hangkerim is politically divided into three _countries_, two of those =
rival parlamental kingdoms and the third is a small republic.  They share=
language, the official religion and some common history.  I guess they wh=
ere one
country some time ago but split appart by political rivalities.
 * Most Hangkerimians recognize themselves as one people.
 * Most Hangkerimians have not big respect for civil or religious authori=
They believe authority is born on people's respect and not on institution=
s.  If
a priest or a king has earned people's respect, they will be called _lead=
er_ by
the people, other way they will be just _priest_ or _king_.  These later =
are not very impresive to people.
 * There are people who follow other beliefes but are a minority and, in =
cases, they think and act as any other Hangkerimian.
 * Hangkerimian leadership philosophy is very important to them, and the =
antiguverment movements are based on preservation of this ideals.
 * The armies of the two kingdoms are based on foreing-mercenaries.  The
republic has a non-mercenary and non-permanent army.
 * The common religion has given the people that common sense and philoso=
They believe in what religion says but not too much in what priests say.
 * The kingdom of Kurimpe has almost 20 million people over a 870.000 km2=
The kingdom of Jelamha has 12 million people over a 1.050.000 km2 area.  =
republic of Daluram has 700.000 people over a 20.000 km2 area.

About the language, after I'm begining to learn it, I can't tell to much =
 * Their script system seams to me as being sylabic but iconic elements a=
re very
 * As I said, I believe their language is polisyntetic.
 * I'm still deciding for a romanization wich follows the script or one
following the pronunciation, after one element of the script will have a =
sound used alone but it pronunciation will asimilate with souronding elem=
when spoken.  (The word _hangkerim_ will sound /aN'ke.rim/ alone but coul=
d sound
like /'?a~.gE.rIn/ or /huN'gE@.jim/ or many other ways).
 * Even if they look very similar, people find difficoult reading hundred=
old texts but seem to read easilly text from Hangkerians of the other
countries.  After their holly scripts are between 350 and 3500 years old =
some priests and munks read them, but there are lots of modern versions o=
f those
 * They have individual, grupal and class marking, and singular, paucal a=
plural forms.
 * The language has almost no distinction between men and women, but ther=
e are
some cultural distinction.  Most civil and almost every religious places =
ocupied by men.  Most women rule their homes.
 * Hangkerim marks recognized autority in adressing.  Kings won't feel of=
when people does not used this addresing to them (they feel worried).

More on this culture and language will be presented when I discover more =
it or some of my fellow conlangers ask for clarification, thus fucusing m=
research work.

Thank you.

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