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(a bit OT) Font software

From:Francois Chauvet <fr-chauvet@...>
Date:Friday, December 12, 2003, 20:54
Garry Shannon wrote:
> As a software developer myself I am strongly opposed to cracking on moral > grounds...
I can only agree, re-agree, and over-agree. Software development is only an infinitesimal part of my job, and USD 50,- is only an infinitesimal part of my income. People at High-Logic have done a good job, especially when you consider unmangling the TrueType font file format with only Microsoft's documentation. They deserve the small price. My intent was not to encourage cracking, just to mention that this program is only protected by the fact that you should feel sinful if you do crack it. Most of today's software costs are due to protection, and this makes them out of reach. Encourage shareware! Develop it yourself, and _*_*do not crack*_*_!!! Francois.