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Conlanging get-together in Boston outside the Worldcon

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 31, 2004, 19:59
Sylvia Sotomayor wrote:
> On Monday 30 August 2004 21:31, Jeffrey Henning wrote: > > I work outside the city and will be around. I would love to get together > > with other conlangers. In the past, I've met Ray Brown, Ben Madison and > > Leo Moser in Real Life.
> Wonderful. I don't know my schedule yet, but I would love to get together. > I'll be staying at the Sheraton Boston Hotel on Dalton St. If there's a > particular time (or times) that is convenient for you, let me know. I'll be > checking this email regularly.
Maybe we could meet for lunch sometime at a restaurant near the convention center? I'll be staying at the Chandler Inn hotel several blocks away. (I didn't make up my mind to come until June, when the main hotels were full.) I doubt I'll check email often if at all, but you can contact me via the Voodoo Board in the convention center main hall, or maybe leave a message for me at the Esperanto League fan table. I'm cc'ing a couple of others who will also be there. - Jim Henry