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OFF: Name for a cat

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 28, 1999, 16:14
I know this is rather off-topic, but please bear with me.
I think I have a new cat!

She must be about four months old. She came one day, with
the youngest my other cats (father and son), and she seems
not to have a mother or any other family.

I need a name for her. Could be in any language, natural or
constructed. Could you help me please? She's black and white
(black tail, some of her back, and around her eyes; white
elsewhere), and she has a pink nose and pink fingerpads
(how do you call those things that make footprints??).

My mother wants to name her Clara, but it doesn't fit her.
Me and my brother wanted a Japanese name, but most of them
are too long -- and I want it to mean something. I looked
up a dictionary and found _taikoo_, which means 'light pink'
(and also 'archduke'!). What do you think? Can you do better?
I can't promise you a kitty as a reward... unless you pay
for international shipment of the poor thing. :P

--Pablo Flores