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Re: Mongolian Books (was Re: VW )

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Friday, April 6, 2001, 18:08
On Fri, 6 Apr 2001, David Stokes wrote:

> > > My girlfriend and I are struggling to teach ourselves Mongolian right now > > > so my own Mongol-inspired dreams are a little more like nightmares. ;) > > > > > > Actually, Mongolian is a really cool language. Converbs are oing to have > > > to show up in one of my languages soon. > > > > > > But the language tapes we have are were made in England and for we > > > Americans its sometimes easier to understand the Mongolian than the > > > English on them. > > > > JOOC, where'd you get the tapes? Do you recommend 'em (other than the > > British accent)? I started learning a little (written) Turkish because > > it was the closest thing I could find in the bookstore to Mongolian. > > :-p (Not that Turkish isn't a neat language in itself...) > > The book and Tapes I have is called "Colloquial Mongolian" by Alan J K > Sanders and Jantsangiin Bat-Ireedüi, published by Routledge. I got it at > a bookstore in Boston that was mentioned on the list a few months back, > perhaps someone remembers the name or you can look in last Dec. > archives.
Huh. I'm learning (some) Japanese from a book in the same series, sans tapes (I'm probably getting pitch accents wrong like mad, but OTOH I listen to 4 hours of anime a week....) I can probably find it. :-)
> I don't know if I would say I recommend it as much as say its adequate > with few alternatives. Its a teach yourself a foreign language book with > tapes, pretty typical of the breed. Professionally done, seems to cover > everything, has native mongol speakers on the tape (in addition to the > british guy). Good, solid, and adequate, but I'm not going to rave about > it being wonderful.
Gotcha. AFAIK teaching texts for Korean (for English speakers) are in a similarly sad state. I haven't found one yet whose layout/organization I'm happy with.
> Daraa Bayartai. > (afterwards with joy -- 'goodbye') > (your first lesson)
Thanks muchly for the links, etc.! Daraa Bayartai...(imagine very bad American/Korean accent here) YHL