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Workshops Review #02, 2005

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Sunday, January 16, 2005, 18:37
Here is Review #02 to see what is happening in conlangers' workshops:
(my apologies if I miss something - I had troubles with Yahoo account in
last three days)
As usually, I put authors' names in square brackets, and projects names in
figure ones.

A posteriori workshops:

"based on lgs of First Nations, Black Africa, Australian Aboriginals etc."
[The Sock] gives some info about {Heefahoshaj}.

"based on Celtic lgs"
No activity since Aug 24

"based on East Asian lgs: CJK, Indochina, India (both Aryan and Dravidic),
Siberia, Pacific Ocean etc."
No activity since Dec 05

"based on Germanic lgs"
«Three Rings» poem in {Old Føtisk} [Tristan McLeay]

"based on Proto-IndoEuropean"
No activity since Dec 01

"based on Romance lgs"

"based on Slavic, Baltic lgs or Greek"
No activity since Dec 16

"based on Uralic lgs"
No activity since Aug 25

"based on West Asian lgs: Semitic and other Afrasian, Turkic, North
Caucasian etc."

Other specialized workshops:

- - conscripts:
Origins of SEAsian scripts and materials used for them.

- - League of the Lost Languages -
[The Sock]'s {Heefanoshaj} is being discussed here too.

- - conlangs in use:

Sister groups:

No activity since Nov 30

Whistled languages; translation exercise; how to make a conlang dictionary.

Groups in other languages:

- - in Spanish:
Origins of the human language: can children isolated from human society
invent a language? Experiment made by Psammetic II.
Language and genetics. Languages of European Union.

- - in French:
Yitzik and Christophe are trying to revive the group.

- - in Russian:
has started its works this week! Dobro pozhalovat'!

Enjoy your communication!

-- Yitzik