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Re: who is list admin?

From:Jeffrey Jones <jsjonesmiami@...>
Date:Friday, February 4, 2005, 20:08
On Fri, 4 Feb 2005 12:14:26 -0500, Carol Anne Buckley
<cbuckley@...> wrote:
> > Hi, sorry I haven't been following who took over. Could someone please > tell me who the new list admin is? I want to switch to digest mode. > The list is interesting but it generates far too many emails per day for > me to deal with separately. > > If anyone could clue me in as to how to make this change, I'd appreciate > it. > > Best, > > Carol B.
The current Lord of the Instrumentality is Henrik Theiling <theiling [at] ABSINT [dot] COM> Digest mode can be set by going to and clicking on __Join or leave the list (or change settings)__ that should take you to a page which allow you to change modes, and a few other things. You may have to log in first -- I'm not clear on that. Hope this helps. Jeff