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Foreign Chaos Monsters

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 30, 2001, 22:14
LOL!  We should invite the Praxians and the Teonim
to a dinner party.  That would be interesting.  But
we'd have to get medieval or ancient Teonim, where
foreign Chaos Monsters are abundant.  Modern
Teonim own liquor stores, pay taxes, ride the night
trains around their circular cities, eat spicy vegetable
stews with smoked fish and boiled eggs, read love poetry
on the long piers of Tsorelai Mundya, hang-colored paper
lanterns, guard their harbors, watch the tides which are
horrendous, play the harp and hornpipes, and await, always,
the Melting.  They are a literate, cynical people with
a strong penchant for fantasy and irony and a history of
abandonment and separation.  They are multi-cultural
and suspicious of closed-mindedness and superstition,
although they love to tell scarey stories, like that of
the Wyrlorf.


bjm10@CORNELL.EDU wrote:
> > On Wed, 30 May 2001, Sally Caves wrote: > > > bjm10@CORNELL.EDU wrote: > > > > > > I will say this--a Praxian version of this would have to be very > > > different or would end up being a paean in praise of the most evil things > > > imaginable. > > > > I presume you're talking about Gospel of Bastet Selections. It's a dark > > text. Dark obscure, not dark evil. > > But it advocates things that the Praxians would call evil.
Not a "turn the other cheek" kinda people!
> > > > > > > > Quietly accepting suffering and doing nothing about it? > > > > No! Where are you getting this idea? If you suffer, it is Bastet, > > "sending > > you her MICE!" Find a way to work around your afflictions and eat them > > This is obviously a foreign lie made up by people so evil as to live in > cities and worship cats. Afflictions are sent to us by Chaos and other > evil forces. They are vile enough to not have to worry about one's own > gods perpetrating betrayal. Everyone knows that Waha and Eiritha would > never assault their own children so. This "Bastet" is obviously some > sort of foreign Chaos monster.
Bastet and all the gods are unreliable. There are many strange gods: The god of Cloaks, for instance, who changes his shape with every garment he puts on. The god of Statues, who is the god of death, freezing, and commemoration. But there is also the Pregnant goddess who finds lost children. She is also the goddess of the Future. But actually, today, most Teonim are Orthodox Christians, and they can speak of the old gods and daemons in these arch ways. Now, they are primarily metaphors of states of mind, and useful in poetry.
> > as you do your prey. If you are afflicted by wounds, it is the talons > > of > > Bastet. She strokes you into strength. A Teonaht version of "whatever > > doesn't kill makes you stronger." > > Whatever doesn't kill you but does wound you still weakens the clan. It > must be killed. Kill whatever would wound you or the clan. The idea of > letting some god wound you without putting up a fight against it is the > teaching of weaklings and of those who would have us become weaklings. > Kill what would harm you or the clan. > > > That sounds like > > > the lies of the /negjum@nAnT/, exactly the sort of things they try to > > > tell our warriors to make them soft and weak so they can conquer us, > > > steal our herds, and make our children starve! > > > > Hmmm. Are you talking about the original Relay post? It's about > > No. I'm talking about the excerpts from the "Gospel of Bastet". > > > not being a peeping tom. For the sayings of another deity, there > > is Grorel, goddess of war and strategy--in wartime. Bastet is about > > making it in the peacetime world. > > > > > Of course, felines are enemies of the people, anyway, since they prey > > > upon the herds. > > > > Not for the Teonim. The enemies are the jackels and the wolves. > > Jackals and wolves are enemies of the people, too. They prey upon the > herds. Whatsoever preys upon the herds is an enemy of the people and an > enemy of the good gods. Furthermore, the city dwellers keep cats, so > that only proves that they are doubly evil.
Probably. The Teonim are most likely the offspring (nephilim) of the fallen angels or the race of Cain who took to the cities. They have the mark of Cain on them in their hypodactyly and their changeable irises. What they once were, is a mystery. They have their hypotheses.
> Hyenas are not evil because they are all insane, and the insane cannot be > judged--although they do have to be put out of their misery if they > become an immanent threat.
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