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OT: Computer broken & away next weekend

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Sunday, May 8, 2005, 15:13

First of all, I cannot really participate until the middle of next week
because I'm fed up with my computer('s HD) not working properly anymore.
This morning, it didn't want to load my main HD even after the 6th attempt.
Fortunately, I got this piece of crap working after some more attempts of
hitting the reset button so that I could save all my precious data again.
However, I'm fed up and plan to go to the computer shop right tomorrow after
school and buy myself a new machine. Because I have all the conlang-l stuff
on that nearly broken computer, I'll have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday
until I can read all stuff on my own machine again -- the web interface is
not very clear <übersichtlich> IMO, making things a bit hard to follow.

The other thing I wanted to tell you is that I'm away from Friday to Monday
for having a trip with my congregation's youth group and two other youth
groups to Stoetze/Lüneburg Heath over Pentecost. And I must drive, too, now
that I can ... 4 hours, 2 of them motorway.

So please don't post too much :P,


Rodlox R <rodlox@...>