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Re : Irritating word puzzle.

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Date:Friday, October 22, 1999, 22:46
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 22/10/99 23:04:09  , Padraic a =E9crit :

> My mother is the recipient of the old "There are three words in the > Enlgish language that end in "gry", one is angry one is hungry..." > word puzzle. As far as I'm concerned the third word is gry (means > rage or roar), but that's because I'm not too imaginative when it > comes to word puzzles. Does any one of us know what the "right" > answer is? She and a couple of friends have been trying to sort it > out for a week or so, but I'd like to put the thing out of its misery. > =20 > Gryingly yours, > Padraic. > </XMP>
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