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Re: THEORY: Days (was: Tenses (was: Re: THEORY: ... Auxiliaries...))

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Monday, July 11, 2005, 19:25
Ray Brown wrote:

> Yes, I've tried to check this out also. Although I find examples of _da4 > huo4tian1_ I have not found any references to _da4 qian2tian1_. But that > does not mean to say the latter is wrong. As _da4_ simply means "big" or > "old" I see no reason why this should not occur.
I did some googling and found ca. 20'500 instances of 大前天 (dà qián tiān).
> It seems many languages have special words of phrases for the 'day before > yesterday' and the 'day after tomorrow.' > WELSH SWAHILI > day before yesterday echdoe juzi > yesterday doe jana > today heddiw leo > tomorrow yfory kesho > day after tomorrow trennydd kesho kutwa
In Russian: - 'day before yesterday': позавчера - 'day after tomorrow': послезавтра. -- Yitzik