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Re: Technological/societal levels in your conlangs/concultures

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Sunday, January 16, 2000, 18:44
* Daniel Seriff (microtonal@SERICAP.COM) [000113 16:02]:
> For those of you that have concultures to go along with your languages, > what is the relative level of technology/social advancement in your > conculture? Try and give a year, at least within a half-century, that is > equivalent to a time line of European history.
Varies too much; from hunter-gatherer to... well, there are dyson-spheres, dimensional and time-travel, gadgets that mimic telepathy (for those born ungifted), intelligent, sentient, sapient machines; further progress is extremely slow though. They see evolution and progress as s-curve following s-curve and they're currently on a ledge. There are interesting mixes of technology; anyone played "Thief: the Dark Project"? People might seem to live very primitively but scratch the surface and you have computers and psi-gadgets, fusion and solar panels :) They're simply more selective than us, pick 'n choose what to use instead of going all tech all the way.
> And another, slightly related question. I'm contemplating ideas for my > "holy book". What kinds of holy books have you folks written or alluded > to in your cultures?
Well "holy" is something of a dirty word over there but there is a large collection of books and texts, I haven't really decided on the best english name for it yet, lets use "the taruven encyclopaedia" today. It's the best known written work of all, and contains a reference-grammar of taruven, dictionaries, styleguides, fairy-tales, fables, historical accounts etc. from the 'time of closing', when a standard of taruven was set in stone. When young people come of age, they usually get (depends if you support the establishment or not) a paper-copy of the 'book of abbreviations' and the 'book of symbols', with the rest of the 'paedia included on memchips. This set has much the same status as the bible had earlier this century at least in Norway, used to keep count on descendants and dates and scenes from the big moments in life. t. -- Teflon Brain 2000(tm) - Excuse of the Future!