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CHAT: I introduce myself

From:That Keenan crowd <makeenan@...>
Date:Saturday, October 3, 1998, 21:35
Hello all,

I just signed on to the list yesterday and thought I would start out with
a little info about me.

I have been into Conlangs for a long time but didn't realize anyone else
was until I got net access.

I have created two conlangs to date; Irge, which is now abandoned, and Oc
which is ongoing. Irge was doomed to fail by its own design parameters
which allow for a limited vocabulary. (200 words) But it was a learning
experience and I took what I learned and started Oc.

Oc is a highly agglutinating language which is an attempt at Speedtalk.(A
language that appeared in a short story by Robert A.Heinlein) I have had
to make considerable concessions so that the language can be pronounced
and easily understood. Rather than being a Speedtalk, Oc looks more like a
American Indian langage. I have a small lexicon for Oc because I have
spent the time assigning meaning to the phonemes that go into making the
words.( Phoneme may be the wrong word. They are two letter syllables, V.C.
or C.V. which are assigned the meaning of an English word. These are then
combined to form the Oc word.)

I imagine I will just lurk for awhile. My knowledge of linguistic terms is
pretty limited, so I hope to learn some terms so I can talk inteligently

Glad to have found you
-Duke Keenan