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From:Heather Rice <florarroz@...>
Date:Thursday, September 27, 2001, 3:52
I was just going through my conlang filling in details
on the grammar, when I chanced to glance at my
proverbs section.  Now, we all know that pronouns are
substitutes for nouns or noun phrases, but why not
have substitutes for verbs or verb phrases.  I call
these proverbs (I think there is some other term that
uses the word "proverb", but I can't remember what.)
Are there languages that have proverbs?  Has anyone
developed a system of proverbs for their conlang?

Here is mine.

It combines the tense prefix (or suffix) and the
gender, and the number suffix.

k- = past
-k = future
o = masculine
a = feminine, etc.
-s = plural (really original, this one.  :-))

Past       Future
ko  ka     ok  ak
kos kas    oks aks

if my verb is say, "kbroya" (k = past, a = feminine)
my proverb would be "ka". Proverb of "broyok" would be

How do other people do it?


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