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From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 19, 1999, 10:37
I've been working on a related language to W., Eastern.  Eastern is, as
its name suggests, spoken east of W.  It has undergone drastic
phonological changes, and probably pretty drastic grammatical changes,
but I haven't worked those out.

Phonology: Consonants
p   t   k
b   d   g
m   n
f   s
v   z
w   r y

i       u
 e   @  o
  e`    o`
   a`   a

e`, o`, and a` =3D /E/, /O/, /&/

All of these can be nasal or non-nasal
Diphthongs: only ei and ou exist.

Syllable structure: (C)(apr)V(C)(fric)

Here's a provisional example, assuming that grammar did not change from
Old W., except in as far as affixes underwent phonetic changes (later I
will change that, but this is a good enough approximation for now)

s@r dik=F3usn@ surus=F3utf w@rf vaz=E9fr@f (Eastern)
sol dik=E1hosna sulus=E1h@tanv@ walif vaz=E9flif (Old W.)
slusaf=E1=EDt=E1nv=E1 walasagg=E1l=ED suddik=E1w=ED (Modern W)
"With a word, the gods create"
Slusaf=E1=EDt=E1nv=E1 walasagg=E1l=ED suddik=E1w=ED
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