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Re: "ex before consonant > e" non-rule( was: Sensible passives (was: confession: roots))

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Thursday, May 10, 2001, 23:37
From: "Yoon Ha Lee" <yl112@...>
> Our Latin teacher told us that if we used ex before a vowel and e before > a consonant we probably wouldn't go too wrong but that wasn't quite it. > <shrug> OTOH this is a one-semester intensive Latin course. has a bit about it. My book (_Teach yourself Latin_, Gavin Betts) says "ex always before a vowel, sometimes before a consonant". Which I suppose is close..
> But as a quasirelated point of curiosity, who came up with "deabus" as > the dat/abl plural of "dea" (?) (goddess)? It shows up in 6th ed. > Wheelock but not in 3rd ed. Wheelock. Did someone make it up by analogy > with something else so we students wouldn't get confused about our deities?
"<Filia> _daughter_ and <dea> _goddess_ have irregular dative and ablative plurals: <filia:bus, dea:bus>. This is to avoid confusion with the corresponding forms of <filius> _son_ and <deus> _god_." Also mentions 'deabus'... *Muke!