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Re: Word Creation

From:tomhchappell <tomhchappell@...>
Date:Sunday, May 22, 2005, 4:25
I recently ran across the following bibliographical references, (in
chapter 11 "Lexical Semantics" of Ray Jackendoff's "Foundations of
Language"), which seem promising for help on this issue; the titles
of the first two sound especially on-point.

Wierzbicka, Anna, 1996, "Semantics:  Primes and Universals",
Oxford:  Oxford University Press.

Pustejovsky, James, 1995, "The Generative Lexicon", Cambridge,
Mass.:  MIT Press

Wierzbicka, Anna, 1988, "The Semantics of Grammar", Amsterdam:  John

Wierzbicka, Anna, 1987, "English Speech Act Verbs:  A Semantic
Dictionary", Orlando, Fla.:  Academic Press.

Wierzbicka, Anna, 1985, "Lexicography and Conceptual Analysis", Ann
Arbor, Mich.:  Karoma.

There are probably some other references that could also help you
build a "conlexicon".  If you have time, read all of Subsection
11.8.2 "Building verb meanings" (pp. 364-369) of Section
11.8 "Function-argument structure across semantic fields" of Ray
Jackendoff's "Foundation of Language", and look up and read all of
the footnotes and bibliographical references.


Hope somebody actually gets a chance to look at some of these.

Tom H.C. in OK