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From:Fan de Condorcet <condorcetfan@...>
Date:Saturday, September 18, 2004, 0:57
Dear conlangers,

Long time lurker here.  Thought I'd share something conlang-related:

Recently a stray my SO and I took in blessed us with three kittens.  We
haven't been naming the kittens, as we aren't planning on keeping them, so
we've been having to find other ways to refer to them.  One has stripes;
however, I've never called her the striped kitten.  I just can't bring
myself to use the past participle here.  After all, if she were black, we
wouldn't call her the blackened kitten.  _Stripey_, however, sounds odd to
me, so I've resolved my inner struggle by calling her the stripedy kitten.
My SO has also taken to referring to her this way.  It has thus become part
of the household condialect.


Does your conlang have a word corresponding to the word _striped_?  If so,
what is it?  Is it a past participle?
Does your conlang ever use past participles where your native language would
instead use adjectives?