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Re: THEORY: Tenses (was: Re: THEORY: ... Auxiliaries...)

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Monday, July 11, 2005, 23:23
--- Henrik Theiling <theiling@...> wrote:

> ming2 tian1 tomorrow > hou4 tian1 day after tomorrow > da4 huo4 tian1 day after day after tom.
Thanks for reminding me of one of my favorite TV comercials while I was living in Taiwan. It was for one of the convinience store chains. They sang this overly cheery song about having everything you might be looking for today and "ming2tian1, hou4tian1, da4hou4tian1!" Adam Jin nifalud fistus todus idavi eseud adimpuudu ul isu fi aved niminchunadu pera ul Dju peu'l medju djul provedu cumvi dichid: «Iñi! Cunchepijid ed nadajid il virdjini ad junu huiju, ed cuamajuns ad si il Emanueli fi sñivigad ul Dju simu noviscu.» Machu 1:22-23