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Proposed phonology for my new language

From:Daniel Seriff <daniel.a.seriff@...>
Date:Sunday, August 29, 1999, 18:28
Here it is, at long last...I'm finally putting up here for criticism.
Please feel free to give me any pointers, and definitely tell me about
any inconsistencies and such that may be present. This is my first
conlang project, so it's bound to be a bit clumsy.

BTW, it's all Kirschenbaum ASCII.


[p/b] [t/d] [k/g] [q]
[m/n/N] [*/r/j]
[F] [f/v] [T/D] [s/z] [S/Z] [x] [X/g"] [H] [h]

Any problems here? Are there too many fricatives?


[i]               [u]
[I]            [U]
[E/&.]            [O]
[&/&~]  [@<low>]
[a]              [A/A~]

3 dipthongs so far (more will show up, I'm sure):

[iI] (this one's cool :)
[iu/ju] (allophonic)

Are the nasal vowels out of place? Should I make more of them have a
nasal counterpart? I haven't decided yet if the nasal vowels offer
phonemic contrast. Suggestions?

Dan Seriff <microtonal@...>

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