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OT: Calendars

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 22, 2003, 15:59
Important discovery:  today's approx. date on Cindu (the Kash world) is--

(lero) folamés açundrim (pehan) ketrongo nipolasít, (pinal velu)
(day)  11      5th-month (year) seven-hundred fifty-three, (count new)

or 11, ç5, 753 p.v., we are 1 month past the Summer Solstice (and much nicer
weather than here in Michigan at present)

This was arrived at by:  1) arbitrarily deciding long ago that it is now
2) coverting my age, 68.6667yr into Cindu years, 51yr, 4mo, ~10days;
3) arbitrarily equating my birthdate (5/23/34) to 1 ç1 702 p.v.

For conversion, Cindu year = 1.34009 earth years, Earth year = 0.74662 Cindu
year.  Cindu day 1.05416 Earth day; Earth day .94862 Cindu day.  I have been
on this earth 25,080.333 days........
There are 464 days in the Cindu year, their day is a bit longer, 25hr 18min
= 25.3 hrs terran.  I used 24 hrs. for the earth day.

New Count began on what would have been 1/1/2704 Old Count.  The change was
made as a consequence of the Gwr nuclear war that took place for a week in
1st month, 2701 IIRC. (early 991 C.E.).

Other important dates:
American Revolution (1776):  fall-ish 583 p.v.
Birth of Christ (2003 yrs.ago):  early summer 1961 p.m. (old count)
Founding of Rome (753 B.C.E):  midway 1399 p.m. (around the fall equinox)

(Somewhat subject to change; I keep getting different answers-- and don't
quite understand to correction/suggestions......)