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"more of C-14...(im)personal nouns, etc"

From:Rodlox <rodlox@...>
Date:Friday, October 15, 2004, 7:36
 yet more interlinear.  :)

Question/Statement Distinctions.

mne  sqot  vsah  'ehuu.
question, sun eat fish.
Did a fish eat the sun?

sine  sqot  vsah  'ehuu.
emphatic-question, sun eat fish.
*Did* a fish eat the sun?

sane  sqot  vsah  'ehuu.
emphatic-statement, sun eat fish.
A fish *did* eat the sun!

vune  sqot  vsah  'ehuu.
sarcasm, sun eat fish.
A *fish* are the *sun* [, riiiight].

qene  sqot  vsah  'ehuu.
idle question, sun eat fish.
Did a fish eat the sun?
[this form is used with rhetorical and nearly-rhetorical questions, as well
as for "breaking the ice" and to relieve the tedium when extremely bored].

Earlier, we covered Impersonal Nouns.  Now, for Personal Nouns.

The difference is primarily that, with Impersonal Nouns, they tend to be
isolating; while Personal Nouns link to their action.

vsah'fe  'ehuu.
ate-I  fish.
I ate the fish.

vsah'ew  'ehuu.
are-you  fish.

veden'ew  'ehuu.
chase-you  fish.
you chase fish.

veden'Ahab  'ehuu qwo.
chase-Ahab  fish not.
Ahab chases not a fish.

basen  veden'Ahab  'ehuu qwo.
identifier, chase-Ahab;  fish not.
The thing Ahab chases is not a fish.

basen  'ehuu  qwo,  veden'Ahab.
identifier, fish not; chase-Ahab.
(1) what Ahab chases is *not a fish*.
(2) *no fish*  (is what/does)  Ahab chase.

'ehuu  basen  qwo, veden'Ahab.
fish, identifier not; chase-Ahab.
(1) *not* a fish is what Ahab chases.
(2) what Ahab chases is *not* a fish.

vedenew  basenfe.
chase-you, identifier-I.
You chase *me*.

vedenfe  basenew.
chase-I, identifier-you.
I chase *you*.

vedenfe basenfe.
chase-I, identifier-I.
I chase myself!

vegenfe basenfe.
find-I, identifier-I.
I find myself

vegenfe  basenfe'dö;  desé'fe.
find-I, identifier-I, responsibility; not-doing [of previously-mentioned
I responsible for finding me, I not do so.
I'm responsible for finding myself, I don't find myself.

vegenfe basenfe'dö; qon deséfe.
find-I, identifier-I, responsibility; ensuring, not-occuring--I.
I responsible for finding me, I ensure [that] that not occur.
"I'm in charge of finding myself, and I make sure it never
appens."  -Methos, in the 'Highlander' episode 'Methos'.

basenfe dö'fe.
identifier-I, responsibility-I.
I [am] responsible [for] me!
I'm responsible for myself!

basenfe dö'ew.
identifier-I, responsibility-you.
You're responsible for me!

basenew dö'fe.
identifier-you, responsibility-I.
I'm responsible for you!