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Re: OT Re: Constructed maps

From:David J. Peterson <dedalvs@...>
Date:Friday, January 11, 2008, 20:39
<<�Is there perchance some free or inexpensive software that would help?�
>>��This is going to be a rather unhelpful post, but this type
of�software would be really good--perhaps something that could�be added to a current map-drawing software. It would take your�image, and the dimensions of your globe, and then you would�be able to print out images of your globe formatted to the exact�sections you needed. It seems like a computer program would�be the best way of doing it, if it could be done.��-David�*******************************************************************�"A male love inevivi i'ala'i oku i ue pokulu'ume o heki a."�"No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn."��-Jim Morrison����On Jan 11, 2008, at 11∞50 AM, Roger Mills wrote:��> Way back on 6/21/07 in response to Rik Roots' magnificent--�>�>>>�>>>�> I wrote:�>> I've tried on occasion to do similar maps by hand of my planet�>> Cindu, but between inertia, absent or fading skills and lack of a�>> good cartography text (with all the necessary formulae, tables�>> etc.), nothing satisfies me. I really want to make a globe, but am�>> not sure how to go about it.�> Well, hurrah, I've acquired an old terrestrial globe (16in. diam.,�> no stand, but holes at N and S poles where one used to be)!!�> suitable for playing with. I assume I'll either (1) have to paint�> over the whole thing, somehow retaining the handy lat. and long.�> lines, then draw in the Cindu land forms-- very challenging I�> suspect, or (2) make paper gores (with pre-drawn land forms) to�> glue on, equally challenging I suspect. The Zompist website has�> instructions for doing that, which I've tried, but getting the�> curvature right is a mystery. I might try tracing outlines from the�> existing ones???�>�> Does anyone know the geometrical qualities of a sphere? Are there�> formulae for drawing those triangular shapes with curved sides?�> They are all presumably arcs, but it would require a HUGE�> compass....or are they just regular isosceles triangles (I�> doubt)?? Is there perchance some free or inexpensive software that�> would help? I can do a lot of trial and error, of course..... Maybe�> I should get in touch with the geography dept. at one of the local�> colleges?�>�> Has anyone ever tried such a project? Any suggestions or hints�> would be very welcome (reply privately I think).�>�> Thanks, Roger�


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