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Re: Grammar of time travel

From:Simon Clarkstone <simon.clarkstone@...>
Date:Monday, February 26, 2007, 22:47
On 2/12/07, Leon Lin <leon_math@...> wrote:
> Is time is tenseless or tensed (Is time just another dimension equivalent to > space or are we actually "moving throught" time)?
It's just another dimension. As said below, moving thorugh time would require another sort of time by which we judge that we are moving.
> Is time absolute or relative?
Relative, as seen in General Relativity.
> Can time "branch"?
> robert <hotaru@...> wrote: On Sunday 11 February 2007 7:56 pm, > ( wrote: > > Whether default or objective, it's still not the timeline of the time > > traveller, but rather it's the timeline of everyone who doesn't travel in > > time. > > everyone (and everything) does travel through time... >
I am not sure one can "travel" in time. It implies that one might not experience 1 second for every second one experiences, which makes little sense. Unless there is a "metatime", but that doesn't seem right at all. For a more detailed explanation of what I think, see the "type one" time travel on this page I found <>. See the appendix, too.