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Palatalized uvular stop

From:Outo Otus <olen_outo_otus@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 20, 2004, 13:12
I have never seen a language which uses an (unvoiced) palatalized  uvular
stop. Is it possible to make this sound? I am planning on making a conlang
which uses secondary articulations a lot, and makes distinctions between
plain, palatalized, aspirated, labialized and pharyngealized / velarized
consonants. I aksed a question quite recently about whether languages make
a distinction between plain consonant + palatal glide, and palatalized
consonant + palatal glide. I have been told that Russian does make this
distinction, but I'm still not convinced because it would be hard to make
a distinction like that, without the consonant becoming at least slightly
palatalized before the glide. Also, can / does any language use aspirated
fricatives (or any other consonants)? I have only ever seen aspirated
stops (like in hindi and sanskrit). Is it possible to make pharyngealized
velara, namely [k] and [g]?