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POLL: lablang/engelang

From:Garrett Jones <alkaline@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 15, 2002, 0:41
that's it, i'll just make the poll myself. Not enough people are responding
to the poll at the yahoo groups to come to a definite conclusion. So, here
is the poll:

1. Which one of these terms do you prefer?
2. Which is your secondary choice?

a. altlang
b. artauxlang
C*. engelang, engilang (pick one)
d. enjelang, enjilang (pick one)
e. englang
f. enlang
g. experilang
h. explang
i. funclang
J*. lablang
k. paralang
l. philang
m. planlang
n. uselang
o. whimlang

(the starred ones are the most popular ones according to e-mails i've read
on the list).

1. E-mail me DIRECTLY, not to the list.
2. you have a week for the poll.

Garrett Jones


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