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FINAL QUESTION: your natlangs. Sorry this is

From:Mathias M. Lassailly <lassailly@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 6, 1998, 18:42
Other people may have gone into conlanging because they are
> >bilingual. Mia's remark stirred my curiosity as well. How many of you > >conlangers know other languages, and what is the extent of that = > knowledge? > >Sally >
First foreign languages I learned at school : German and A. Greek : I like German and keep maintaining it as much I can. Working languages : English and Japanese. I love English - I do - as much as I dislike Japanese by now. I graduated in Japanese, then toiled for 10 years, of which a couple in Japan with a Japanese Law office (not a happy experience). Learning Japanese was a mistake from the start but I could not stop it until recently because I needed it as a business asset and also because I'm addicted to reading Japanese novels . I don't even have a Japanese software on my home computer. My favorite natlangs are Dutch (I work hard to improve), Khmer (because my brother lives in Cambodia and I go there every year) and 'correct' Indonesian which I find very interesting. I work hard on them each time I have a - too rare - opportunity for it, but I usually forget most of the vocabulary so I have to learn it again from scratch when I go there. Sumerian was too difficult and abstract to me. I hold Serbo-Croat for the most beautiful language in the world but I can't speak it anymore. It makes me! v! ! ! ery sad. Other appalling aborted tries are : Arabic, Sweedish, Portuguese. Motives to learn foreign languages ? Nothing to do with conlanging. I admit that I started to learn most of these foreign languages at a younger age due to some other interest (did you know that France is the country that is most visited in the world ?). No wonder I could not learn much of Sumerian, still can't speak a word of A. Greek and dropped most of the other ones after summer vacations. But that infame period is over since long, I swear : Down with languageal harassment ! ----- See the original message at -- Free e-mail group hosting at