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CONLANG Digest - 4 Jul 2001 to 5 Jul 2001 (#2001-187)

From:Samuel Rivier <samuelriv@...>
Date:Friday, July 6, 2001, 14:17
Okay guys- aas usual im replying to everyone at once.

The uvular R is very easy for me to pronounce (of
course I grew up with that sound), and seems to flow
well in such words as quatre and prendre. But in words
like raccoucher and pere I REALLY want to voice it. I
just love that little flow of sound which I think the
voiceless overruns as a type of "fuzzy" noise. That is
why I think I would make the R voiced.
It's interesting that the R is the only back consonant
in the language. Everything else is very frontal, even
the vowels. I think that this forms something of a
split complimentary, if you know what that is in color
theory. It is where you use all shades of one color
and then use one shade of its compliment in a
I kind of like the R in french- it really works
And I do REALLY love the frontal vowels. As I said
French is a frontal language, and those vowels work
wonders with it.

The North Pole is determined by magnetism. Uranus is
flipped across so the poles are on its sides. We still
know which one is north magnetically though. Just
think of how a magnetic compass works. Well, the south
pole of a magnet always points north and vice versa.

/r/ is probably the most problematic consonant I know
and after all the thought I have put into optimal
phonetics I believe that it is too variant and
unstable for use in an IAL.

Latin actually formerly lacked lower case but did use
punctuation. So David Peterson you were backwards
there. Lower case was added in the 13th century if I'm
not mistaken. It may have been the 11th or 10th,
actually. I'll have to check.

Hmm a language of pheromones. I think that a species
so dependent on hormonal secretions is probably an
advanced colony race, such as ants, rather than an
advanced individual race.
This idea I form because a "civilized" species would
need to communicate far more dynamically and
creatively. Pheromones do not allow for that.

Samuel Rivier

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