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Strawberry Etymology (was: Lexical Relatedness Morphology)

From:Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>
Date:Sunday, May 7, 2006, 21:54
Emaelivpeith David J. Peterson 'sa <dedalvs@...>:
> This is what I like about LRM. Let's take "strawberry", for example. > When I was creating my handout, I included "strawberry" in my > examples along with "boysenberry", etc., as a word composed of > "berry" plus a meaningless (or unpredictable) prefix. My girlfriend > then pointed out to me that the "straw" in strawberry comes from > how strawberries are grown. I was flabbergasted. And furthermore, > the word changed for me forever that day. Now in my head I > have a story for "*straw*berry", whereas before, I had none.
Wikipedia calls that particular etymology (of which there are several) a "folk etymology" -- OED doesn't know anything about protecting strawberries with straw: "[OE. stréaw-, stréow, stréa-, stréuberi{asg}e, f. stréaw STRAW n.1 + beri{asg}e BERRY n. "No corresponding word is found in any other Teut. lang. The reason for the name has been variously conjectured. One explanation refers the first element to STRAW n.1 2, a particle of straw or chaff, a mote, describing the appearance of the achenes scattered over the surface of the strawberry; another view is that it designates the runners (cf. STRAW n.1 3). "The view of Kluge, that OE. stréaw- in streawberi{asg}e is cogn. w. L. fr{amac}gum strawberry, is not phonologically satisfactory, and is also open to objection on other grounds.]" However, even if *none* of these explanations are accurate, I may indeed view strawberries differently now that I have competing etymologies floating around in my head. :P -- AA


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