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Re: Weekly vocab revival?

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Saturday, August 26, 2006, 20:50
Roger Mills wrote:

> OK!! Here are 10 words, and some suggested sentences, culled from my Kash > to-do list: > > 1. committee
Minza: vezgi "be in charge of" -kai "group" vezgikai "committee"
> 2. bell-tower (or just _tower_)
Minza: pazár "tower"
> The committee has(have) decided to erect a (bell-)tower.
Minza: Lišuonu vezgikai en napadi pazár čiňat. li -šuon -u vezgikai -Ø en na -pad -i pazár-Ø čiň -at 3p.ABS-decide-PF committee-ABS that CAUS-stand-SUBJ tower-ABS bell-GEN ABS = absolutive PF = perfective CAUS = causative SUBJ = subjunctive GEN = genitive
> 3. exactly
Minza: kepi "exact, precise"
> It will be exactly 73 metres [or suitable equivalent] tall.
Minza: Padu žu mevivat kiexaski ai miči metèx kepi. pad -u žu meviva-t kiexaski ai miči metèx kepi stand-PF future height-GEN seventy and three meter exact
> 4. crane/derrick
Minza: zeičaltan, lit. "big arm machine"
> 5. bell(s)
Minza: čiň
> They will need a crane to lift the bell(s) into place.
Liseiru žu dori zeičaltan yn viži či taňgamu čiň(i). li -seir-u žu dor-i zeičaltan-Ø yn viž -i či 3p.ABS-need-PF fut. use-INF crane -ABS lift-INF into taňga-mu čiň -i place-LOC bell-PL INF: infinitive LOC: locative Hmm, it looks like I really need to work on the Minza vocabulary. I keep running across really basic words like "lift" that are missing...


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