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"Dustmen" (was: GROUPLANG: optional features and case)

From:vardi <vardi@...>
Date:Monday, October 19, 1998, 13:57
John Cowan wrote:
> > Pablo Flores wrote: > > > That's what English does, even when the meaning is not so obvious. > > I've always felt strange about such words as "dustman", meaning the > > guy who removes the garbage from cans. I think I would have called > > him "degarbager" or something like that... > > "Garbageman" is the normal term in the U.S., though the people who > are so described prefer "san[itation]man", at least here in New > York City. "Dustman" is British, or perhaps Commonwealth, English. > > --
I don't know what people say now, but growing up in England (Sheffield) in the 1970s we used to say "dustbin man" (they worked on the "dustbin lorry"). Conlanglikeg coluiereiin (In Conlgangish friendship)