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Monkies and Monkeys (was Re: conculture)

From:Tristan Alexander McLeay <anstouh@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 14, 2001, 11:56
On Wed, 14 Nov 2001, David William McKay wrote:

> nicole wrote: > > > it > > is monkeys not monkies as some people seem to think... > > i looked it up
[Note: the Internet is notorious for not delivering emails in order] Yeah, that's a basic rule of English spelling: you change a Y to I before pluralising or third person presentifying with an ES unless the letter before it was a vowel: try>tries but day>days, not daies. But you must admit that 'monkies' looks so much better than 'monkeys', especially when you abandon capital letters in the process. Tristan


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