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Last bug fixed -- Tech Phonology 1.0 final release is ready!

From:Daniel A. Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Friday, February 25, 2000, 22:54
After investigating Hmong (see previous post), I figured out how to handle
the dental-retroflex-postalveolar sibilant affricate/fricative issue!

Nostratic (as it is commonly reconstructed as) has four sets of sibilants:
alveolar, palatized, postalveolar, lateral.  Tech inherits them as alveolar,
retroflex, postalveolar ("palatal"), lateral.

The middle two, when neutral or labialvelarized, are apical (stop) and
laminal (affricate), respectively.  In other words, the two series become:

d.  t.  t.'
dz. ts. ts.'
(and of course d.w t.w t.'w...)

But when palatized, they become palatized retroflex and postalveolar
("palatal" as in Nostratic)!

d.j t.j t.'j
dZ  tS  tS'

That's all; I'll be back next week!!

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