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Cyrillic-Rokbeigalmki Question

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Monday, April 5, 1999, 2:20
I decided that in the Modern Period of the Rokbeigalm's history, they
live in the therefore, one of the first syllabic script
other than their own that they would probably encounter would be
Cyrillic.  Maybe there can be some kind of big Cold-War thing happening
with them too, but i don't know anything about the Modern Period's
history yet.

So, i'm trying to devise a Cyrillic transliteration scheme for
Rokbeigalmki, but i'm not sure of all the letters.  I decided that the
palatization "soft sign" (is that the actual name for it?  That's what my
dictionary says under the "Table of Alphabets") would be used for
Rokbeigalmki "soft" (primarily fricative forms of stops)
consonants...which would mean that {Cb} would be used for /S/ instead of
the actual Cyrillic "sh" shin-looking letter.

I'm going to try and describe the letters i'm not sure about...some of
them are from the "Russian" column of my dictionary's chart, and some are
from the Cyrillic section of my computer's Character Map.

E = /je/ ?
E-dierisis = /jo/ ?
backwards-N = /I/ ?
bI = /i/ ? /j/ ?
backwards-crescent-E = /e/ ?
superimposed _T_ and _h_ = ?
superimposed _T_ and curvey _h_ = ?
[g] with a 'rising accent' = /h/ ?
not-backwards-crescent-E = ?
S = ?
I = ?
I-dierisis = ?
J = ?
connected [l] and _b_ = palatized /l/ ?
connected _H_ and _b_ = palatized /n/ ?
K with accent = ?
Y with breve = ?
[ts] with centered tail = /dZ/ ? i think i saw this on CNN as the
beginning of the name "James" of that captured American soldier in
[g] with short line falling up from the end of the horizontal = ?

Those were the Cyrillic are the Rokbeigalmki consonants
that i couldn't figure out exact transliterations (maybe one of the above

/H/ (pharyngeal voiceless fricative)
/n"/ (uvular nasal)

I have no idea what to do with the vowels....if there are enough Cyrillic
vowels that are similar, would it work to have specific vowels used only
in diphthongs, so that the Cyrillic transliteration wouldn't need to
distinguish between the one-Rokbeigalmki-letter diphthong {ai} /e@/ and
the two-syllable combination {a.i} /a i/ ?


-Stephen (Steg)

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