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Re: Yes, I'm back

From:James Landau <neurotico@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 22, 2003, 22:50
In a message dated 1/21/2003 2:32:53 PM Pacific Standard Time,
peter-clark@BETHEL.EDU writes:

> > Now can you see why I referred to the (original) equivalent of Kankonia's > > 7215 as "the birth of Christ"? You try to talk about the transition any > > other way and you get the list flooded with long conversations and > > dissertations about when the calendar switched over and why there's no > year > > 0 and how and when the millennium began and how astronomers should best > > subtract dates and things that fill up the daily quota on a list that > could > > best be used for talking about other things. Is it really any surprise > that > > the list went over 100 yesterday? > > Hey, you asked about calendar stuff. :) Consider it a part of your > education. > Now you know something that you didn't know yesterday. Congratulations!
OK, I admit I have never heard of Dennis the Little before. (BTW, is "Dennis the Little" an official nickname (kind of like the nicknames assigned to the kings and queens, e.g. Charles the Fat), or is this translation of his name basically a joke?)
> And the reason we've been going over 100 messages recently has more > to do > with the asamuli yde ygice (I don't think that's grammatical, but I don't > care) than anything else.
I just had to look it up: asamuli: = stupid, dumb, "adjective slow mental" yde: = language ugice: = to argue, to disagree, "verb different communication" (changing u- tp y- would make it a noun)


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