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Verbless English

From:Rachel Klippenstein <estel_telcontar@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 26, 2003, 0:03
Hi, I've been experimenting with a conlang-type
project to write in verbless English.  The aim is to
use only real English words or plausible coinages to
write without verbs.  Typically, forms one of several
simple verbs could be inserted into a sentence, mostle
"BE", but ofted "GO" (or come), and once in a while
"DO".  Here is a tale that I've turned into Verbless
English (If anyone catches any escaped verbs, please
let me know.)


The story:

Once upon a time, two brothers.  One a miller.  The
other, everyone’s opinion that he a no-account young
fellow.  His name Little John.

The miller always cheerful and happy.  One day, the
king along to the miller’s town with his bodyguard.

His speech to the miller: “My friend, you very happy!”

The miller’s speech: “My king, so far in my life never
any pain or trouble.  Truly, I happy.”

The king’s speech: “Very well.  Today, trouble to you.
 My wish: three questions for you.  If at seven
o’clock tomorrow, no answers from you, then death for
you.  The questions: How much I worth?  What the
moon’s weight?  What in my thoughts?

Then, the miller thoughtful and unhappy.  Hard
questions.  The king worth a lot, but how much?

Then, Little John to the miller.  His speech: “You
very sad.  What wrong?  A burnt batch of bread?”

The miller’s speech: “Oh no, much worse.  The king to
here today with his bodyguard.  From him to me three
questions. Correct answers from me necessary, or death
for me.”

Little John’s speech: What the questions?”

The miller’s speech: “How much the king worth, what
the moon’s weight, and what in the king’s thoughts.”

Little John’s speech: “You full of worry about that?
Very easy.  No need for worry.  I to in your place,
you to in my place.  Your clothes for me, please.
Flour production by me.  You to away!  I here in your

The miller very happy about the exchange.  Little John
soon at work, and from his lips song.  When the king
to there with his men, the song to his ears.

The king’s speech : “Time for your answers to my
questions.  How much I worth?”

Little John’s speech: “Twenty-nine pieces of silver.”

The king in a state of surprise.  His words: “What!
Twenty-nine pieces of silver?”

Little John’s speech: “Your worth not greater than our
Lord’s, and his price thirty pieces of silver.”

The king’s speech: “True.  You the winner for this
question.  Now the next question: What the moon’s

John’s speech:  “The moon? Its weight one pound.”

The king’s speech: “A pound?  Surely not!”

Little John’s reply: “Yes, my king.   Four quarters of
the moon, and four quarters in one pound.”

The king again in agreement.  His next question: “What
in my thoughts?

Little John’s speech : “In your thoughts, I the miller
with answers to your questions.  But in fact, I his

And so, the king the loser of the contest, and the
miller still safe and still songs from his lips with

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