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Re: NGL: Pronoun songs

From:Gerald Koenig <jlk@...>
Date:Monday, November 30, 1998, 8:04
> >On Sat, 28 Nov 1998, Gerald Koenig wrote: > > >and can anyone >> come up with an alternative? > >I think you've got a good one here. That is, if everyone knows the >melody. I don't.
That's shaping up to be the problem: I thought everone did know the melody.
> > >> NGL singing commercial deleted from this space. > >Where can we get one of these? :)
Go to my website, hpperrboly:\\www.inro.scam Be forewarned: The RealPlayer Plus Gran Tourismo action figure will leap through your screen and search the premises for grammatical gender category infractions. Any atavistic pre 1998 category words with sharp borders will be fuzzified and you may be charged with binary thinking. Just click on the Alternative Pronoun Lyrics button and have a good time. Jerry
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