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Re: Fyksland Headline News Weekly - 200104

From:Jän-Køs Giirtingäär <kvasir_postia@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 17, 2001, 18:34
Thankx for the suggestion Luca... and thanks for the welcome! you know,
i have had so much trouble posting my first message.

however, i have encountered only one or two complaints about the font
colour before, so i assume that it's a computer display or a browser
issue more than anything... last time i checked, blue shade 3333FF is a
web-safe colour...

but i will experiment with other shades of blues and hopefully I will
find one that would be generic enough to show on all computers without

well about me...
First off, i'm not Jän.. but you can call me that anyway, as Jän-Køs
would be the name of "my Fyksian correspondant". My internet handle is
ususally Kvasir (it's a norse myth character and it also fits fyksian
spelling rule.). I've started the Fyksland project in 1995 in bits and
pieces, but only since 1997 or 1998 have i collected all the scrap
papers from boring lectures to create the website. I'm in the process
of writing a self-taught fyksian book, a verb conjugation stardard
(sorta like Bescherelle for french.), and also a fyksian recipe or two
for Aidan.

if you wanna learn more about Fyksland, the webpage is pretty much
self-explanatory, afterall that's the reason it's there right?
i haven't officially posted the address on conlang because i'm still in
the process of reorganising it. (it's been up since 1998! time for
clean up!). But for now feel free to explore if you don't mind a few

Watch for a posting about the official website opening in a couple of

James (Kvasir)
aka Jän-Køs Larsä Giirtingäär.

--- Mangiat <mangiat@...> wrote:
> > Am 07/16 13:14 J?n-K?s Giirting??r yscrifef: > > > > > Archived news up to 17th June, 2001 are available at: > > > > > > > > What a wonderful site. There are a few dead links to go up - stuff > on > > the royal family and facts and figures, as well as we still have to > wait > > to see what Fykslandish is actually like, but the rest is a > well-written > > piece of constructed nationhood. I'm actually quite envious! > > > > Agree 100%. Great work... There's only one thing that doesn't work: > the > colour - my poor eyes strive to read dark blue on black background > :-/ > > Welcome, Jän! Tell us something more about you and about your > wonderful > constructed nation! > > Luca
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