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Intro: Sah'heh, Megres, Saluton!

From:Dave Rutan <rutan3@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 21, 2007, 14:52

Just thought I'd introduce myself a bit.  Way back when my friend and I
were in High School we created a fictional universe dominated by
advanced humans, though not from Earth.  To go along with this, we
pretty much outlined a few languages to be spoken by said humans.  We
also created a few aliens.

As an initial contribution, I've put up a bit of the language of the
Breehahs.  They are not human. The description of them along with a
Breehah/English/Esperanto phrase page is here:

The Babel text in breehah is here:

My next project is to resurrect one of the chief human languages,

And yes, I'm an Esperantist....

Dave Rutan
Mi neniam forgesu la akuzativo... n!


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