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Re: a riddle <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Sunday, April 10, 2005, 19:13
-- Mau Rauser <maurauser@...> wrote:
Some of you might remember me, once was a more or less active
member of the list, though I had to go nomail a long time ago.
Now, I ask you for some help: my boyfriend has received a sort of
riddle from an unindentified person (probably one whom he already
knows). It was written in an unknown language (hopefully a natural
one), thus I had the idea to show it to you, for being so linguaphile and all.
The text is the following:
Ma Ata osze, im Ata lo jachol la'aszot et sum-davar??? Ani rak omer:
zman jihije tov.........
aval ze loha'emet....
If anyone could recognize the language or translate it, please mail me
personally to or
(the sender is probably Hungarian, so the value of <sz> may be [s] and
<s> may be [S], but this is just a suppose)
-- Mau

Welcome back!
That secret message is so cool... it's in Hungarianly-transliterated Hebrew!
"What are you doing, if you can't do anything??? I'm just saying: time will be good....
but this is notthetruth..."
'notthetruth' sic - should be _lo ha'emet_ above, but written as one word so i translated it
as one word ;)

-Stephen (Steg)
 "since you've left, a lot has changed here..."
     ~ 'canaanite blues' by ehud banai