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CHAT: xmas gift idea: CD-ROM _Alphabet_

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Saturday, December 14, 2002, 7:06
    This is from a another email list I am on (I am on 4 email lists now,
hehe)... I thought mayhaps this may be of interest to some peeps on this
esteemed creative list!

In a message dated 2002/12/12 09.34.04 PM, writes:

>On 12/12/2002, Bob Marsh wrote: > >>If anyone wants to give a real hip gift to a young one or two, check >>out the cd-rom called Alphabet distributed by Tivola. Animated art >>work by Czech illustrator Kveta Pacovska and music/sounds by some >>french guys who aren't credited on the cover. > >>It is incredibly avante/beautiful with many opportunities to >>interact with the shapes and sounds. No violence or competition but >>many heuristic delights. > >>I have been using it with a nine year old autistic boy. He really >>digs it. We have spent several hours with it and are continuing to >>discover more facets. > >I just read a review of this in today's NY Times (on the Web): > >>ALPHABET (Tivola; for Windows or Macintosh; $20; ages 3 and up.) > >>Alphabet is a visual feast of interactive letters from Kveta >>Pacovská's book by the same title. Each letter has a different >>activity. This is a great program to play with children just >>learning the alphabet. When a letter appears on the screen, moving >>the mouse will make the letter evolve and move, creating sounds >>along the way. The interaction is intuitive and geared toward >>learning individual letters. The artwork, music and interactivity >>make a beautiful blend of art and technology. > >Part of an article on children's software that is supposed to be fun >as well as educational. > ><> >
>Alphabet sounds good. . . but they also picked Barbie As Rapunzel and >Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets. > > >MZ
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