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on second thought... (posted at Joshua Shinavier's request)

From:Irina Rempt <ira@...>
Date:Monday, March 1, 1999, 20:07
I wrote:

> Josh, I lost your address again (I've only got the swiss one at the > moment and I understand that it won't reach you *there*) but I think > more people will be interested, so I'm sending this to the list. > > I don't have a web page for the Valdyan language specifically, > because much of it is in a state of overhaul (rethinking the > description, not the language itself) and most of it is still in > Dutch and in WordPerfect 5.1 (legacy from my DOS days, I'm firmly > Linux now). I don't trust word processors to do my HTML for me, so I > have to convert it to text and in effect rewrite it. I intend to post > things to the conlang list as I complete them, though. > > I do have a web page with a large section about Valdyas;
and then Josh wrote: [snip] Hey, cool... you've evidently put a *lot* of work into this place (i.e. Valdyas, and also the web page); you really could write a novel with this material (I don't have anywhere near this much nailed down for the Aroel yet). Bryn Asel, Hinyas Havin, Valdie Sali... I love your place names. I'll have to come back when I have some more time to read the stories. I for one would be interested in your old pages for Valdyan, even if they're in Dutch -- in fact especially if they're in Dutch :-) I haven't used WordPerfect in years, but I imagine it must let you convert to plain text format, which could be put up on the Net without any problems...
> The longest text I ever wrote in Valdyan is the story of Grandpa and > the Dragon, but I haven't had time to translate it into English yet > (it's now in Valdyan and Dutch).
Upload it! Is it digitalized already or do you have it only on paper?
> There's a Valdyan font in existence, but that's also being reworked > (my husband's boss bought him a new font editor :-) When we get a > scanner, I intend to do a scan of a page of manuscript of "Grandpa > and the Dragon" and put that on the web page with the text.
I started on two fonts for Aroven, but I still need a font editor to convert the images I scanned. I've tried some of the shareware programs but they didn't work on my system -- and of course Fontographer costs something like $300 -- absurd, at least for someone who wants to make only a couple of fonts just for the fun of it. I might resort to a "warez" source I know of for Fontographer... Josh Danoven pages: P.s.: my "travelling" address is: I'll probably join the list again when I get back to Zurich next month. The Danoven pages haven't changed since I left except for a few HTML repairs; I've typed up a number of new chapters which should be appearing before too long along with a couple of older missing pages I haven't gotten around to finding a way to upload yet (I'm using a library computer in California right now, sans floppy drive). I'll be browsing the archives now and then 'til I'm back on a "real" computer come the end of March. And I wrote a poem! Yes, it's true, more or less the first poem I've written since I *had* to write poetry in 8th grade, but this time in Aroven. It has five verses and a "Kalevala" sort of rhythm to it, about the wind and the clouds of course :-)