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Re: Stress and syllables

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 14:26
Fredrik Ekman skrev:

>David Bell wrote: > >> While the "patterns" seem to make sense to me, I, unfortunately, have >> no understanding of the theory behind them. I guess I'll have to >> study more phonology. > >I will have to sympathize with David here. While the subject matter is >extremely interesting, I feel at a loss to grasp the underlying concepts. >Could anyone recommend a good text (which would not require a doctorate in >linguistics to understand) on the subject of stress and syllable >construction from a general point of view? Preferably one available on the >Net or that could be found in most university libraries.
One book I have found really useful, concise, and easy to read is a book called "An Introduction to Phonology" by Francis Katamba (ISBN 0-582-29150-X). It is part of the Learning About Language series. The book itself is not those thick monsters you would normally encounter. For a phonology book its quite thin (a little more than a centimeter). Yet it has plenty of excercises (with answers in the back) so that you can test your understanding. Just my two cents. -kristian- 8)