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The Names

From:Dan Jones <feuchard@...>
Date:Thursday, January 25, 2001, 19:07
I've done them! First is the person's name, then same name in Rhêndrin and
then the Dweinasen etymology.

Vasiliy Chernov: Teiron Thernion from Dw. tigerjon "king", jern-jon
"black+son". BTW, if you want an English translation of your name, it's
Basil Morrison. Morrison means "son of the dark one"; I used to be Daniel
Morrison, after all.

Christophe Grandsire: Teorcheson Seorlon from Dw. tesu-kesjon "god+bearer"
skerjulon "large stream". Couldn't do anything with Alain, sorry.

Andrew William Smith: Fîlen Darion Carion, three Rhêndrin words I already
had, "manly", "protector" and "smith".

Rodger Federick Mills: Beasolen Dartheiron Ronnath from Dw. bejas-kalan
"fame-spear" dazjas-tigerjon "peace-king" rodnad "mill"

Barry Garcia: Colen Rhodon, i.e. spear firm.

Daniel Eric Andreasson: Teorelion Atheiron maca nFîlen from Dw. tesu+eljon
"god+judge" an-tigern "one-king", with maca being a patronymic formative and
Fîlen "Andrew/Andreas"

Daniel Adam Seriff: Teorelion Talman Hemion for etymology of Teorelion see
above, "talman" is Rhêndrin for "earth", and "hemion" is tailor.

Eruanno: Teorondron from Dw. tesu-anason "god-gift". Teorondron might become
Teondron by syncope. BTW, in Quenya a is often displaced by preceding u-, as
in amanyar -> úmanyar, not úamanyar, so Eruanno would more likely be Erunno.
Personally I think Eruanno is more euphonic though.

Andrew David Chaney: Fîlen Ceadhreth Teine. Ceadhreth "David" is from Dw.
kedarejas, which is kedarei "beloved" with an abstract ending. "kedarei" by
itself becomes ceadhar in Rhêndrin and means "lover, sexual partner". It'd
be like having "Sex-bomb" as a middle name! Teine is just a Rhêndrinisation
of Chaney.

Patrick William Dunn: Teiren Darion Têlonath. Teiren is Rhêndrin for
"noble", Darion is "protector" and Têlonath is from Dw. teilonad, which is
the ablative of teilon, "hill".

Yoon Ha Lee: Beath Lîdhon. I had to play around a lot with this one. Beath
is from Dw. bedas "(summer) heat". Lîdhon is from putting Yoon after Lee,
taking it as a Dweinasen word: lijon, which gives Rhêndrin "Lîdhon".

And so there you are. If anyone else wants one, just tell me!


E souvein-te della veritát que se ja dissó,
                 And remember the truth that once was spoken,

Amer un autre es veder le visaic de Deu.
        To love anonther person is to see the face of god.