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An Idea (Hopefully Non-offensive), Comparison Terminology

From:Shreyas Sampat <nsampat@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 24, 2001, 23:17
Mildly off-topic:
Why is "least bad" ungrammatical?  It expresses a totally different
sentiment, by means of connotation, than "best", which would be the closest
equivalent that you might say is grammatical.

On auxlangs:
These leave me with an icky taste in my mouth, and I conlang slower than
parents prepare for trips, so I won't be able to bring myself to enter.

(Since we're talking about least badness) My conlang Nrit has a nice variety
of degrees of comparison (Though I'm considering redoing it; I'm angry at it
right now.  How does comparison work in everyone else's conlangs?): (These
are all in Nrit's nominative case; I really don't want to write out the long
inflection charts.)
Positive : dâra : green
Negative : dârriha : not green (suffixes -Ciha to the root after dropping
any final vowel, where C is the final consonant.)
Comparative : dâratka : greener (-(a)tka)
Superlative : dâraminna : greenest (-(V)minna, where V is the last root
vowel stripped of long length or nasality if there is no final vowel.)
Reductive : dâratqâ : less green (-atqâ, from -atka+-ha.  <q> is aspirated
/k/.  Circumflexes mark long vowels.)
Attenuative : dâramnâ : least green (-(V)mnâ, from -(V)minna+ha.)

The negative has its own declension pattern (originally all the negatives
did, but the reductive and attenuative were analogized to normal adjectives)
while the rest behave like normal (positive) adjectives.


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