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Re: IPA language phonology

From:D Tse <exponent@...>
Date:Saturday, September 1, 2001, 1:23
Samuel Rivier wrote:

>Hey guys- does anyone know any sites where there is a >complete IPA listing of the phonology of many >(hopefully most) languages?
You may be pleased to know that the recent "Handbook of the IPA" (isbn 0-521-63751-1) contains about thirty complete phonologies for a range of languages, and IPA transcriptions for the "North Wind and the Sun" text's translations in those languages. It's quite a useful book when consulting about the IPA, which I found at a uni bookshop.
>Pushing my luck, does anyone know any sites where >there is a linguistic analysis of many (again, >hopefully most) languages?
Can't help you there. Imperative